the act of pretending something fake

is real

even when we all know it's not real

you see hulk hogan's

molasses fist

miss from a foot away but

ooh yeah

macho man randy savage

still slams onto the mat like

that's gonna hurt in the morning

kayfabing gets us through the day

we pay with kayfabe

take out 20 kayfabe to get a haircut

kayfabe "i love you" to the

girl you're indifferent to

kayfabe two candy bars from the

kroger down the street

eat em with your kayfabe friend

while watching donahue

you are generous with your kayfabe

me, i keep it locked down

can't give away too much kayfabe

mom died from kayfabe

buried her at kayfabe cemetery in

kayfabe, new hampshire

hope she gets to heaven

and it's the first real thing she's ever seen