It's the 20 years of

Dead skin sloughing off

In constancy

That reminds you how

Insouciant problems you

Suffered in youth slowly

Crept up to hug you like

A death-door grandma seeking


& stare out a column window

Clarifying obtuse ideations.

Twin pines stand still.

Anthropomorphize your cat

To feel a sense of connection.

How do you expect me

To work like this.

You ride the memes of 2020's

Mephitic stench, obliquely aware

That you've felt this way for


               Doomscroll is a cute

Term for emotional decay.

Paw at the armrests as you

Force an orgasm for an

Old man in Omaha.

The gray skies arrive on time.

Raindrops form around dust;

Dust is their heart. Your heart

Is dust.

Every beat shakes a bit more off.

"Crying is so cathartic"

You say over a plate of soft

French fries. "Crying suggests

Care," I reply. "I don't even

Care enough to cry."

We say this through masks

In an outdoor space built

To become an indoor space.

The flagrant flaunting of

Disregard for the human race

By the human race.

Your lizard brain believes in God.

It's your higher brain that

Wrestles with the concept.

But both brains connect to your

Limbs and toes, dragged through

Wet sand as you struggle for

The finish line.