The wind is making the lights flicker.

I turn off Netflix and head to bed.

Haven't seen a human being in the flesh

Since I went grocery shopping three days ago.

The ritual is: buy groceries and eat 1/3rd of it

That day. (They say “Don't buy groceries

When you're hungry,” but I'm hungry

Because I don't have food in my kitchen.)

I stare at myself in the bathroom mirror.

Is my beard ever going to fill in?

I'm, like, extra fat these days. On account

Of the grocery bender. I should fix that.

In the shower I consider all the ways I fucked up.

I count them on my fingers and your fingers.

Before I sleep I consider meditating.

I'll do it tomorrow.

Before I sleep my cat incessantly licks my shoulder—

A surprisingly painful exercise to express affection.

Before I sleep I consider all the ways I fucked up.

I'm running out of fingers.