There's that simple rain outside,

The kind that makes you want to

Move to the coast. You drink water,

Watch the popcorn overflow from

The machine into a clay-blue bowl.

Everything you eat is in the freezer.

At night your cat licks your arm as

You try to fall asleep. She curls up

Between your legs, above the blanket.

The moon sighs in shades of gray

Splayed across the parking lot.

You never remember your commute.

The same buildings flash by on the

Train, so often that your brain tunes

Them out. You can't remember.

Everyone is doing everything and

So well and we all say we're depressed

But I don't see it, I don't see it. I don't—

There's an awkward angled graffito

On the power box: LOL ->

The mornings graze like thunder.