appreciation for a first date

you smile at me from across the table.

oh. this is what i wanted, simple connection.

sorry i am writing this too soon, i hope

you understand—it’s just—it’s what i do.

born and bred to distill moments into these

baubles of human experience, which i contact

juggle to random people on instagram. the

big bay windows behind us, the low din of

conversation. this isn’t a love poem, it’s an

appreciation poem; the color on a flower;

the warmth from a fireplace. black boots

and long lives. sorry humanity is contained

in “should we split the check?” sorry there

are implications. the rocker chick bartender.

the big bay windows. i got a drink that was no

good, you got one that was. i appreciate that.

the wailing unknown, the fickle heartbeat.

the bad drinks. the good talk. humans,

desperately swimming toward each other.