Life in Triptych

Depression feels like drowning,

Except without the release.

You just keep squirming in the

Water of thoughts, waiting for it

To fill your lungs and overtake you,

But it doesn't. This is why the

Shimmering water under the bridge

Looks appealing.


Dear HR,

I spend a lot of days in

Existential crisis—

Why am I here, both in the

Abstract [ why is anyone here

What is consciousness

What is our purpose in

The universe ]

And in the

Concrete [ why am I chained to this desk ]

This is why I am

Staring into space

Instead of getting work done.


You asked what keeps me going,

And I said “My cat,”

And you laughed,

Like that was such an absurdity.

I wonder if you've ever felt

The rumbling of purring

And the serene look of

A soft creature that is more

Comfortable with you

Than you are.