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I am taking the Charles Mee route and putting all of my plays online to read for free. I'm doing this because as a playwright, it's difficult to get your work read, and publishing is a hassle in and of itself. I hope someday to have these published but even then I'd like to keep them available to be read online.

So if you like what you're reading, please remember that I put a lot of time and effort into creating these. You can send me a donation through ko-fi using that link above. Anything is appreciated! It you want a suggestion: $7-10 for a full length, $3-5 for a one act, and $2-3 for anything shorter.

If you want to produce one of my plays, that's a different story. Please refer to this play production rates pdf and then email me so we can work on drafting a production contract.

full lengths

Peace [2m, 2w]

A play about a family dealing with the father's sudden surgery, and two siblings trying to find direction in their aimless lives.

The Messiah of Main St [2m, 5w]

A play about a normal man learning he is the next Christ, and how he destroys himself trying to save others.

one acts

They're History [3m]

Two bumbling thieves travel back in time to secure IBM stock, except they go to the wrong year and get in some hijinks.

Thank You Fifteen [3m, 1w]

Three guys get ready for a play, and along the way one of them finds out the other slept with his soon-to-be ex-wife. HIJINKS ENSUE!

Save vs Nerd [3m, 1w]

Two nerds convince their now-cool friend to play one last Dungeons and Dragons game. He doesn't want to, but his new "girlfriend" does. HIJINKS!

The Anarchist and the Carpenter [2m]

A philosophical play about two men from opposite spectrums who have to work together in order to survive. Not as many hijinks in this one, sorry guys.

The Night Llewellyn Died [2w] (coming soon)

In the midst of a drunken one night stand, Patty is left alone when her lover Llewellyn goes off to a nearby convenience store to buy condoms. As she waits for him to return, she is forced to deal with his 13-year-old daughter, Bridget.

Inspiration [3m, 1w] (link coming when I finish next draft)

Wes breaks up his band and then breaks up with his girlfriend so he can feel depressed like he was when he wrote his hit album. As you might expect, everyone isn't too happy about that.

shorter plays

Delusions of Grandeur [1m, 2w]

A nerdy comic book store employee wastes time waiting for his "dream girl," but when she actually enters the store, he has difficulty dealing with her.

Fear of Fears [2m, 1w]

A weird little play about people with fears -- Danny is afraid of knowledge, his sister Marcia is afraid of confrontation, and her boyfriend Charlie is afraid of being afraid. And they are all stuck in the Library of Congress.

The Circle of Love [1m, 1w]

A cute little play about a guy helping his girlfriend get over her fear of heights -- with a twist at the end.

The Man from Spermacide-9 [2m, 1w]

Alien gets transported to a man's home. His race is dying. He needs one thing to survive. You get to guess what it is.

Bad Mothers [2m, 1w]

Two bad dudes are about to do a bad thing, when a pregnant lady enters and well it's a play so of course she has to give birth, right?

[This is one of the first plays I wrote in college. It's weird how, at the time, I thought it was pretty good -- it was even read at the regional Kennedy Center Theatre Festival that year -- and yet now I look at it and I'm like, "This is terrible." But it has some good parts to it. Maybe I'll revise it someday, who knows.]

Bus Trip [2w]

A woman and her sister on a bus ride. Really short script.

Chauncey [1m]

A monologue from a 16 year old boy who thinks women smell good.

The Old Man and the Toaster [1m]

A long monologue about an old man about to take his own life with his favorite toaster.


In progress. Still need to get the poems prettified for the website. Stay tuned!

Five-Syllable Sonnets


This was a long term project that sort of fizzled out in 2014, but I think it had a good run. Fourteen lines, five syllables each line. Wrote them at home, at work, at school, on planes, right before I slept and right after I woke up.



When I was younger I used to write a lot. A LOT. Most of my time was spent writing serialized fiction that I would post online somewhere for people to read. None of it is finished, and will probably never be finished. But they are here to read if you wish.

The Quake Saga

[coming as soon as I reformat the html for the chapters] The Quake Saga deals with two brothers in a not-so-distant alternate future where the government has been destroyed thanks to an anti-video game act. The brothers discover that their father has created a server world called Serrum, and that real people are living inside it. This story is about their adventures in real life and online, trying to figure out what their father was up to.

The Titan Revolution
Part One: The Mediocre Adventures of Mike

Mike is a young man who gets entangled with the mythological Titans, who have been incarcerated on the wrong side of Utopia for millions of years by the Gods. He and other chosen "Children of Gaia" begin their journey to free the Titans from their prison and reclaim Utopia for their own.


Timekeeper is set in a world where the future has become just another distance, as time traveling becomes commonplace. People live in different times. Seth is a government employee who ends up getting involved with the Palestinians, who, along with the Israelis following a messy religious war, have created a stop in time following the explosion of a nuclear bomb infused with time travel crystals.

Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves

VZW is a serial about what it says it's about. Sam is a werewolf, Delia is a vampire, and they used to be high school sweethearts.

Milo Leningrad Athens

Milo Athens is a young man with an interesting life and interesting friends who is dealing with his breakup with the love of his life. It all takes places in short stories and serials that are written in a non-linear fashion.


Awakenings takes place in the Zealot Galaxy, and was a role playing serial I wrote when I was, like 16. This was on AOL, mind you. It's not great, but I'm keeping it up here for posterity and so fellow Zealots can read it if they so wish.

Short Stories:


About a fatal meeting in a subway.


Two brothers stranded in the desert, exploring some caves.


A short story about people I wrote for a college course.


An old story about a guy and a girl stuck in a room. Not to be confused with the cult classic movie.

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