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Josh Writes a Blog (Again)



A … are you starting a blog again?

Yeah, I am.

Don’t you have a newsletter already?

I do.

So … what’s this for?

Well, I was thinking about it, you know —

Oh no.

— and I thought — what do you mean, “Oh no”?

I just don’t like to see you thinking about stuff, is all.

What is that supposed to mean?

Well, you start to think about something, and then that thing turns into two things, and then those two things turn into four things, and —

I’m just thinking about —

It’s exponential, you know.

Right, right. I get it.

This is all about Twitter, isn’t it?

… Sort of.

Alright, explain.

I signed up for Twitter back in 2008 and have more or less enjoyed the hell out of it until about 2015. Or whenever Trump started being more of an issue on it. Really, I could say that it was when news and politics became a thing in general on that site, but it really stopped being a fun site during the Trump presidency. My interest in it has waxed and waned since then.

I’ve written some type of blog since forever. 1998? But when Twitter took over, instead of blogging, I tweeted. If I didn’t start auto-deleting my tweets a few years ago, I’m sure I’d have around 30,000 tweets by now. That’s a lot. Most of it dumb jokes that were topical and wouldn’t make sense now.

Anyway, Elon Musk bought Twitter and that guy is a real dumb piece of shit, so I’ve been thinking about leaving Twitter for good. It’s hard because I like writing and I like the microblogging that Twitter offers. But I’ve also noticed over the years that I’ve become less introspective and honest in my writing, which I miss. So I thought I would start up a blog again, to keep that going.

How’s that sound?

Eh, it’s fine I guess. You’re talking to yourself, though, so you’re already worried that you won’t ever update and nobody will ever read it and everybody hates you forever.

Damn, you really know me, me.

So what about the newsletter?

It’s still going to happen. I might copy blogs from here into it though, spruce them up for the newsletter crowd. I don’t know if that’s a good idea or a bad idea, but who cares.


Blogs for the blog crowd, newsletters for the newsletter crowd.

Alright. Well, good luck.

Thanks, me.