001p: i went for a run this morning.

i went for a run this morning.
the cold air bit at my fingers
like windy piranhas, my breath
labored like 19th century coal miners.
a lot of it was walked.
watched the artificial time
switch to midnight, the first morning
of the new year, then promptly
went to sleep. no alcohol,
no friends, no parties.
a classic end to a baseline year.
this morning, a run.

there is a hidden well where
my resolve resides, a secret cavern
in my own body. i search for it
every two weeks with my therapist,
but it is elusive. it rests and feeds
in fits and spurts. but it’s there.
it’s somewhere. and it finds me.
and it wrests lethargy and sloth from me,
and into my bloodstream it injects
a force of movement
that circulates for a few days
before subsiding.
that’s why i need to find it, so
i can squeeze the life out of it
and into me, forever, and feel better,
forever. but that’s not how life works.
i went for a run this morning.