Races to 2022

Here’s a page cataloging all of the official, timed races I’ve run. There’s not very many, but I hope to rectify that! (The pace is in miles, btw.)

Part 1: He Do A Thing

Encapsulating my first six years of running.

March 18, 2012: Shamrock Run

Location: Portland, OR
Distance: 5k
Chip Time: 38:28
Pace: 12:23

This was my first race ever, which I ran shortly after completing the Couch to 5k program. (The OG program!) The Shamrock Run is a blast. Tons of people, lots of good vibes, plus back then you got a small cup of very good salmon chowder and a beer for free. Stanford (the restaurant which provided the chowder) eventually stopped sponsoring the run, which meant no delicious chowder, which has been a disappointment ever since.

March 17, 2013: Shamrock Run

Location: Portland, OR
Distance: 8k
Chip Time: 58:21
Pace: 11:44

Since rejoining the running world, I recently looked up my times to incorporate them into a spreadsheet so I can track my pace and whatnot, and I was shocked — SHOCKED — to discover that my pace for this entire run was sub 12 minutes. This simply cannot be true. My only explanation is that I was doing a lot of weightlifting back then and all the squats must’ve paid off.

March 13, 2016: Shamrock Run

Location: Portland, OR
Distance: 5k
Chip Time: 37:43
Pace: 12:08

My favorite photo of me in any race ever.

April 9, 2016: Zombies, Run

Location: Virtual
Distance: 5k
App Time: 42:52*
5k Time: 38:41
Pace: App 12:49/5k 12:27

First virtual race! It was neat but also kind of weird; you’re basically just paying for a medal. Like, even if I didn’t finish the race, I would’ve gotten a medal. (To be fair, at a bib pickup for the Shamrock Run one year, they had a bunch of 15k medals from 2010 that they just gave away to people because they were also bottle openers. I took two of them, so I guess I ran a 15k twice.) For some reason, I ran more than 5k in the app, but thank GOD I got that little certificate that I could fill out with my actual 5k time. Zombies, Run has been a cornerstone in my burgeoning running career, and I will always be thankful to them for that.

March 19, 2017: Shamrock Run

Location: Portland, OR
Distance: 5k
Chip Time: 41:11
Pace: 13:15

This was the first year the Shamrock Run started to feel like it was desperate for money. Like, this is the only photo of me finishing. (There are three, technically, but they’re just burst shots from this moment.) This might’ve also been the year it switched from salmon chowder to corn chowder. A BIG step down in quality, folks. Still a fun race though.

March 18, 2018: Shamrock Run

Location: Portland, OR
Distance: 5k
Chip Time: 41:41
Pace: 13:26

More race photos stuck behind a paywall. Ah well, photographers gotta get paid, I suppose. Those shoes on my feet by the way are the same shoes I bought in 2012. This was a big mistake! Why did I wear these shoes for so long? They were worn down so bad I’m surprised I didn’t roll my ankles constantly.

This was my last run before I stopped running (and doing much of anything) regularly due to a variety of reasons (read: depression and then a pandemic). I tried some workout runs but mostly just didn’t do anything, and by 2020 I wasn’t running at all. Until………

Part 2: Return of the Mack (Oh Mah God)

I’m back in the game, baby, and now I’m running 5ks like they’re going out of style.

October 30, 2022: Tar ‘n’ Trail

Location: Portland, OR (Mt. Tabor Park)
Distance: 5k
Chip Time: 51:28
Pace: 16:34

I wrote about this race in my monthly newsletter. But to reiterate: uphills. Stairs. Augh.

November 23, 2022: Turkey Trot

Location: Portland, OR (Portland International Raceway)
Distance: 5k
Chip Time: 48:56
Pace: 15:46

December 17, 2022: The Josh Belville Christmas 5k Extravaganza

Distance: 5k
App Time: 43:44
Pace: 13:59

Next year is a 5k every month! And hopefully a half marathon in there as well!