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The Aberrant Ziggurat

A short, weekly podcast featuring monologues and other stylized responses to suggestions left by you in the Vault of Thoughts.

random stuff

I've had a website in one form or another since the old Netscape days, and for some reason a few things have carried on in one form or another since then. (I still remember the garrish yellow and red Austin Powered-themed website I made back in 1996...) Here are a few things I've saved throughout the years.

video game site designs
One of the things I liked to do back when I had copious amounts of time was make my website designs based off of video games. So here are some of those.

levitating cats
A really ridiculous picture story thing I made up based on photos I saw on Flickr one day.

sprite comics
Another thing I did was make comics using video game sprites. I actually really enjoyed doing this, but got too busy to continue. [this site isn't ready yet, unfortunately.]

martain random's horrible roommate story
So I've had this website for a while now, and nothing, NOTHING has gotten more hits than this story. And it's not even mine! It's a supposedly true story of a guy from the SomethingAwful forums about his terrible roommate. Just read it and enjoy.
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