Joshua Cole Belville

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[LP = album, EP = EP, SI = single]

as Josh Belville
LP11: progress in the inch of salvation
LP10: The History of a Nervous Path
SI04: spare
LP09: Reflections on 33
SI03: put me on your do not call list
SI02: rinse repeat next summer
LP08: The End
EP07: The Death of the King EP
LP07: The Best of 12 EPs
LP06: Last Night in America
EP06: Sellout EP
EP05: Crumbling Fa├žade EP
SI01: Mary! Get Frisky!
EP04: Songs for Autumn
LP05: How I Remember You
EP03: The AK EP
EP02: Songs for Summer
LP04: Goodnight
LP03: Going to Boise
LP02: Get Behind Me, Santa!
LP01: Kittens & Puppies
EP01: Chrimmis Time!

with Here Lies Laika
LP02: Here Lies Laika
EP01: Middle Class Riots EP
LP01: To the Moon and Back

as sun city
LP01: give me a sign
EP03: waterfalls
EP02: heart, meet sleeve
EP01: a storage facility far away

as King of Trees
SI02: Midnight Songs
EP02: Crazy People are People Too
SI01: Songs from Drinking
EP01: 3km to Moscow

as The Nogood Boyos
LP01: Under the Muck

as Attaquin Beach
EP01: to the Town Gossip

as Batman + the F-Word Every Other Night
LP01: You Don't Do That On Elevators

(if you can't tell, i've recorded a lot of stuff)

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