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ON DECEMBER 3RD, 2018, I released my first chapbook of poetry, Mot Juste, into the world. I sold some copies and then I stopped selling it. But I am ... re-selling it? I'm selling it again. And the only way to order it is through this website! The cover is right over there. It contains poems! That I wrote! How crazy is that?

Since this is a DIY ordeal, I'd like to sell this to you with no middleman. No Amazon, no booksellers, just you, me, and cold hard cash (or you know, debit cards and stuff). This means I'm going to make it and send it to you with my own Bare Hands. Yes, it will require a couple of extra steps on both of our ends, but I believe in you. You are very smart and very capable.

Scroll down for more info!


In general, it's Pay What You Can. The suggested prices are below.

PDF copy is $3.
Physical copy is $5.
Both are $6.

HOWEVER, if you really really want it and you're very very poor, please email me and let me know and I will sell it to you for a discount or pocket change or hell I'll give you the pdf for free. Poor people deserve art too, dammit.

Similarly, if you really really want it and you are very very rich, please send me lots more money.

INTERNATIONAL PEOPLE: I'm sorry but I don't have the funds yet to afford to mail things internationally. If you want me to send you a physical copy you'll have to send me whatever it would cost to send it to you. Believe me I wish I could send things overseas!


Step One: Pay Me Moneys

Send me money, ideally through one of these payment apps:

Venmo (@JoshBelville) | Cash App | Paypal | Ko-fi

PLEASE MAKE SURE if you send me money through an app to make a note in the comments about the book!

Step Two: Give Me Info

Fill out the form below with your address and stuff so I know where/how to send it!

That's it! I will email you a pdf of the book, or mail you a copy, or both, depending on your preference.

Physical copies will be signed by me, a huge superstar, and I may even write you a l'il haiku because I'm cute like that. I'm doing an initial run of 50 copies that yes I am going to number because yes I am a pretentious jerk.


What if I don't have Venmo/Paypal/Ko-fi/etc? Venmo and Cash App are super easy to sign up for, I highly recommend doing that. But if you can't for whatever reason, I'll also take checks or cash. (Despite what I learned growing up, it's not illegal to send cash in the mail.) Just please email me that you want to go through that method and I'll send you a mailing address. If that doesn't work for you, email me and we'll work something out.

Why not Amazon Kindle thingymahoosit? Three reasons: 1. I want all the money you give me. Amazon will take a cut. 2. From my research it's difficult to put poetry on Kindles without the software messing with the text placement. Text placement is important for poetry! 3. I'd rather not do business with Amazon!

I have an opinion about your work! That's not a question, but okay. Here's what I suggest you do:

- If you want to praise my work: tell your friends! For god's sake please tell your friends, family, people on social media, etc etc etc. Word of mouth is so important, it's how artists put food on the table. There's only so much I can do on my own!

You can also email me and I'll probably add it as a promotional blurb on this site. That's always fun!

- If you want to criticize my work: well you can do that too but obviously I'm not going to ask you to spread it around. Keep it in a little bauble that you store in your Menagerie of Things You Hate.

- If you are neutral about my work: take a side dammit! Indifference is the enemy of progress!


Hey but for real though, thank you for buying this little labor of love. It means a lot to me that these words resonate with you enough to buy it. And your money will help me make more chapbooks and hell maybe even real books in the future! So thank you again!

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