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Old Video Game Website Designs

I've had quite a few video game-inspired site designs over the years (decades! *gulp*). I've decided to put my favorites together here for people who'd like to see them. Just click on the links below and they'll show up down there.

I've tried to strip out all of the links that don't work so if you mouse over something and it turns into a link, click it! These aren't in any chronological order, either.

[Note: This will look awful on mobile, sorry!]

Mega Man -- This is what I like to call a "partial conversion," sort of like Zornman Lite. The About, Ramblings, and Updates links are working.

Zorn Man -- This and The MZM template are my two favorites, by far. This is a "total conversion," complete with the start screen and a stage select. Megaman's eyes move to each spot, too, just like in the games! That took forever to write, plus all of the .gifs I had to make. I used to have an actual mp3 of the stage select music, too, but I must've lost it. It was the shiznit. Anyway, only the Archives and Blog links work here. I wanted to incorporate a lot more but only having 8 bad guys doesn't give you a lot of room for links.

Metroid Zero Mission -- This one isn't even finished (and never was an actual used design). I stopped halfway when I realized that it would be a million times easier to do this design with Flash instead of .gifs and mouseovers. That said, I still think it kicks ass, and the time invested shows it. I also dropped it because of the splash page/popup thing, which I thought a lot of people would hate. It is kind of annoying. Still, I totally love this design.

Super Mario Bros 1.0 -- This was my first sprite design, and you can totally tell it! Not bad, but not great, either. Still, a lot of people liked it.

Super Mario Bros 2.0 -- A bit of an improvement from 1.0, it suffered from my love of making my websites a small, confined box. This design is inspired by the Mario Brothers flash movies that were popular a couple of years ago.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past -- I really like this design because it takes up the entire screen. It's even scaleable. Plus, it has King Zora, whose mouth moves when you mouseover it! I was going to have an "Ask King Zora" section but decided against it. This is definitely #3 in my list of top designs, behind Zornman and Metroid.

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