About Me

Hi, I’m Josh, this is my website. It used to be a whole thing with pages that I made myself, custom CSS and div tags up the wazoo, but I’m getting sick of doing all that stuff.

Back in the day we’d all have our own websites with our own blogs, or we’d have Livejournals or Diaryland journals, and we’d write about whatever we felt like. We called this “everything/nothing” or “E/N” sites. I don’t know if this was a hyper-local internet phenomenon, but there is an entry about it on Urban Dictionary from 2004, so I’m assuming it was somewhat well known back then.

Nowadays, blogs are tailored to things and people write as if they’re trying to get a journalism degree, have a journalism degree, or want to sell you something. The corporatization of the internet was not very slow, and not very hidden, and yet well played into it because where else are you going to go now? Read a book?

All of that is to say: this is my blog and I’ll write some mundane shit if I feel like it. Typical topics include: Dungeons & Dragons, running, technology/electronics, and some fiction/poetry writing whenever I feel like it. There’s other stuff too, random musings and whatnot. Like I said, it’s everything AND nothing. The good news is that I’m never going to sell anything to you and I already have a graduate degree in a useless field, and I don’t want to get another one.

Feel free to comment or shoot me an email if you’d like. I love internet penpals.