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Avo Wiki Updates

Avo is my D&D homebrew campaign setting.

The Avo wiki has been moved (back) to Fandom. Update your bookmarks accordingly.

MediaWiki is a real pain in the ass to use and for some reason I couldn’t update any articles on the one hosted on my website without getting a 500 error which had no other information and thus made it impossible to decipher why nothing was working. Thankfully, Fandom is free and they know what the hell they’re doing, and it was an easy transfer.

I thought I’d do a weekly/monthly update as to what I’ve written or am working on there, as I am trying to write at least one article (or flesh out one) in the mornings. Here it is! This one will be a longer update because I am starting from the start of the wiki. Got it? Okay good.

I’m not going to link every article because that would be another pain in the ass. If you want to read them, go here.

Written (more or less)

These are articles that are fleshed out enough that they could be finished, but I probably need to go through them several times to make corrections, fix typos, etc.

  • Ages of Avo
  • Akhentour
  • Alrennean War
  • Baltanzir
  • Epic of Stonebirth
  • Meta
  • Teveren
  • Wodesville

Working On

These are anywhere from 25-50% done, readable but certainly unfinished.

  • Alcaman Lenn
  • Ama Shuya
  • Avo
  • Dawn Era Gods
  • Deneshae
  • Diomedes
  • Divine Wrath
  • Terquali
  • Timeline

Barely There

These are bare bones notes copied into the wiki from my google doc, or just generally unfinished articles (like 5-10% done).

  • Beastlings
  • Beings
  • Blighted Wood
  • Brenna Fleetfoot
  • FH-0451-2
  • Game Timeline
  • Goson Krek
  • Ol’ Stumbleduck
  • Other DnD
  • Planes of Existence

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