every park in portland

EPIP: Sewallcrest Park

SE 31st Avenue and Market Street
Neighborhood: Richmond

A nice little dog park in a nice little part of town. Comes with a community garden, a playground for the kids, and a large flat off-leash area to let your dog run around in. The area is also a baseball diamond but I suspect people probably play kickball there more than baseball, considering the prices of some of these houses. It is surrounded by a lovely neighborhood that I would personally love to live in. If anyone wants to give me around $750-850,000 dollars to help me move in, that would be great.

Aesthetics: It’s fairly basic, but the surrounding neighborhood is nice, so that helps. 7/10

Function: If you have a dog, 10/10. If you don’t have a dog, it’s standard fare. 5/10

Sketchiness: I cannot imagine anything sketchy happening in this park. Too surrounded by residential homes full of people with money. 1/10

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