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2023 New Year Resolutions

Hello, welcome to 2023. So far it feels a lot like 2022, which, to be honest, is unsurprising. A blanket of fog rolled through Portland as I awoke at 6am, like I always do, despite a terrible night of sleep due to going to be late and also because I ate a whole frozen pizza and a bag and a half of Doritos, along with too much sparkling cider. My body was upset with the sheer amount of carbohydrates.

As always, I’ve decided to do some resolutions this year. I’m bad at following through on resolutions, so this year I’ve tried really hard to make actionable resolutions, things that I can check off a list, rather than esoteric, abstract concepts that I want to follow. Without further ado…

  1. Run a half-marathon (and/or run a 5k every month).
    • This I think will be the easiest to manage, as once I get back into the habit of running 5k, I can bump it up incrementally until I hit 21k. I’m aiming for a September or later half.
  2. Bench 225lbs for reps.
    • This one requires me to get a gym membership, and is something I’ve done in the past, so I think I can do it again no problem.
  3. For January, eat 100-150g of carbs and no artificial or added sugars.
    • This one will be tough but I’ve done similar things before. I’m aiming for more of the “no sugar” part if I can’t do both.
  4. Workout for 30 minutes every day I am healthy except Sunday.
    • A mix of weight training and walking/running. I can do this.
  5. No social media except for Instagram, BeReal, Strava, and D&D Reddit.
    • This sounds like I’m capitulating but Strava is barely social media (plus it’s focused on positive exercise) and now that I’ve scrubbed all my subreddits to only D&D ones, I have not clicked on a single thing to read the comments. It’s really just Insta and BeReal. And Discord I guess but that’s more for friend communication than social media. Anyway.
  6. Meditate every day I am healthy.
    • This should be a breeze so long as I have ten free minutes and my phone.
  7. Complete a project.
    • Leaving this vague because I don’t know what project, but it would be nice to complete something. I’ve been tinkering with the idea of a “I’m 40” type of music album. We’ll see.
  8. Find a new hobby.
    • I’ve been itching to learn how to do something different. There’s lots of time to figure it out. Obvious ones are film editing and coding, but those sound boring. I’d like a fun hobby.
  9. Make a new friend.
    • Out of all of these, this one makes me the most nervous. I am terrible at this. Make a new friend? Out of the fucking blue? We’ll see. We’ll see. (I am not including “romantic relationship” in this. I want to make a new friend that I don’t also sleep with.)
  10. Take a trip out of state and/or to a place I’ve never been before.
    • I just honestly want to do this. Canada maybe? Let’s go to Vancouver BC!

I’ll keep you updated on how I do. Happy New Year!

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