I Am Riddled with Covid

Look, I’ll get down to brass tacks: I have covid. Tested positive on the 21st, though I’m 99% sure I got it at the company holiday party the Saturday prior, because a bunch of other employees have tested positive as well. It sucks, and I am incredibly grateful for the vaccine and the boosters at helping me manage what would absolutely be a much worse illness if I hadn’t gotten them.

My symptoms align with most others: low grade fever, sore throat, fatigue and aches, cough. At inopportune times I will suddenly hack up an egregious amount of phlegm, such as the time my friend Ryan dropped some much needed groceries at my door; the moment I said hello I suddenly had to cough, and then the phlegm was so intrusive that I couldn’t even speak to him. I don’t think I’ve ever coughed up so much phlegm I thought I was going to choke on it. Again, this feels like it would be worse if I wasn’t vaccinated.

I thought I was doing better yesterday, but that was just the cortisol talking. I knew I had covid when I went to bed on the night of the 20th and, despite it being 40°F outside and much warmer in my apartment, I was freezing. I decided it was time to Install the Duvet, which I almost never use because I’m a warm boy. I put it together and went to sleep, only to wake up in the middle of the night feeling like I was encased in molten lava. It was at 4:30am that I woke up, got out of bed, ran a comb across my head–no, sorry, I went into the bathroom to check my temperature. Sure enough, I was at 100.6°F. I took a covid test then and there and it was positive.

It’s kind of amazing the different a degree or two of temperature can have on the human body. Last night I was freezing again, though I chalked it up to the frigid temperatures hovering over Portland. I took my temperature and it was 97.6. So this is what my body is like one degree cooler? I bundled up, and again woke up in the middle of the night on fire. Took my temperature: 99.6. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a fever and I forgot how much your body reacts to even a small increase like that.

That’s about it. Covid sucks, don’t get it. I started watching Earth: Final Conflict on YouTube for some reason. I guess because it’s from Gene Roddenberry? It’s very “of its time” but I kinda like it. It feels like Gene had an idea for a Vulcan “first contact” Star Trek show but for some reason it didn’t get picked up. It feels like what would happen if we had a show about humanity dealing with the Vulcans. Also, Majel’s in it and I appreciate that. (She put the show together from Gene’s notes. I didn’t realize he died in 1991!)

Anyway, I’m playing Valheim and trying not to choke on my own phlegm. What are you up to?

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