017p: llama

trevor, drenched in turgid drama
drafted terms to buy a llama
with his former girlfriend (note
the “former” in that bit i wrote).
the terms were: one, it must remain
outside in sun or snow or rain,
no matter what it’s disposition
their roommates would be fairly pissed ‘n
stuff; two, a fifty-fifty share
of which of them would have to care
for this enormous beast they bought–
of parentage he hadn’t thought
too far ahead; and three, of course,
for this was nothing like a horse,
they’d shave it every single spring
and use the wool to knit some things
to sell at random marketplaces
turning frowns to smiley faces.
this, his girlfriend did decree
was worth the shit propelled by he
into the fan of dating life.
one llama fixes every strife.

By Josh

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