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garden bar 10.4 good buddy

Man in handkerchief shirt.
The pattern foils TV screens.
Your jeans, too long,
Must be rolled up,
For fashion?
Your shoes are the least-
Looking shoes I’ve ever seen.
I thought they were socks
Like athletic socks
Like you are “too cool”
For indoor shoes,
You zen-fueled guy–
But no, they are shoes
Like if a medieval peasant
Made a pair of Reeboks.
R├ębocke: a Gentle Man’s shue.
You have the face
That every man from Ohio
Or Iowa
Or one of those Midwestern states has,
Resplendent with short ginger hair
And portly face.
The face of a European king.

Woman in mustard top.
Women alone always seem
More lonely than men,
Their social nature
Seemingly stripped,
Earbuds nestled in their ears,
The latest true crime podcast
Softly wafting into their ear canal.
From her perspective,
A pleasant respite from
Constant attention.
She vigorously shakes a
Plastic tub of salad.
Does she laugh while eating it?
I can’t tell, she sat away from me.

By Josh

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