255: abigail (loaves of bread)

danny went to the day-old bread store and got like seven loaves of bread. i told him i said “danny, that bread’s already a day old! it’s gonna go bad!” but he didn’t care. when danny sees something cheap he goes all in, every time. once he bought 20 packs of those squeez-it bottles, you know what i’m talking about?, them juice bottles, he bought ’em with his food stamps because they were being discontinued and he wanted ’em. spent all his food stamp money on squeez-its. so we had squeez-its in the fridge which didn’t have any coldness to it anyway cause we didn’t pay the power bill. and now we have seven loaves of bread, all kinds of bread. white bread, wheat bread, bread with nuts in it, bread with seeds in it. rye. marble rye. pumpernickel. what the hell’s a god damn pumpernickel? how does that word survive past the 18th century? and let me tell you, it was excellent bread the first night. we tried a slice from each one just to taste. pumpernickel is good but marble rye’s my favorite. ended up making a salami sandwich out of it. best sandwich i’ve had in a while, except that the salami was old and i got diarrhea for three days afterward. we really should pay that power bill.

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