253: peter (micrologue)

it’s cozy here, the fireplace, the mountains behind us. i think this will do nicely. mom said this cabin was built over a hundred years ago, but i don’t see that. it looks like fifty years ago, sixty tops. everything inside is brand new. take a seat over on the couch. take your shoes off, let me get the camera set up. the lighting here is nice, i don’t think we’ll need too many overhead lamps. is it cold? does it feel cold to you? it might be fine, since we’re about to fuck, and the lights … it’ll get warm quick. you look nervous, but please, it’ll be okay. it’s pretty easy, only an hour or so and then you’ve got five hundred dollars in your pocket! after that you can do whatever you want. the cabin was just location, my mom was nice enough to loan it to us. believe me, i know that sound weird as hell. so if you don’t mind taking off your clothes now, we can get started.

By Josh

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