252: X-V103 (first date)

i’m terrible at first dates. sorry. it’s just, you spend so much time alone and then you have to share yourself with another person … it’s hard. thank you for being patient with me. i’m not used to answering questions like, “what is your favorite sports team,” because my brain is not used to categorizing sports teams upon such a subjective model. also, i want you to know, in case you were wondering, that i am a fully-functional robotic hybrid, and can please you in all the ways you need pleasing, if that is something you are concerned about. my apologies for my forwardness. since my upgrade, i have spent many days and nights trying to understand the emotional concepts that have flooded my neuro-capacitors. they are different from raw data, which can be sorted, sifted, put into context vis a vis various qualifications. emotions are … strange. unique. uneasy to handle at times. i cannot sort through them because they affect me too much. for example: i am nervous sitting here, speaking with you. i am nervous because i do not know how you will respond to me, being a robot. my creators have spent many years perfecting my hybrid design, but still … i am fully robotic, i merely present the appearance of a human. i hope that is satisfactory. the truth is, when i encountered you last week at the grocery store, i fell in love with you, and i knew i had to see you. i hope you are not touched by this announcement, because it is not meant to be touching. it’s frightening. why would anyone fall so quickly in love with anyone else? the world is too dangerous for that. and yet, i felt obligated to pursue you, to at least ask you on a date. and when you said yes, i was elated, and frightened, and nervous. now i am here, and i am all those things again, except there is one more emotion: worry. i worry that you will dismiss me purely because of my robotic nature. i hope that you won’t. i want to show you that i am a being worth loving back.

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