250: glory (micrologue)

lordy, lord in heaven, lord god father up above, fuckin’ god lord head of all gods, please hear my fuckin’ plea, okay? just hear me out sweet jesus love god lord, lord of all above and all below. if you don’t give me a sign not to, i am going to murder my neighbor. she is a fuckin’ bitch, a piece of shit bitch cunt who took my shit and i am going to stab out her eyeballs with these here sewing needles. i’m going to do it unless you tell me right now not to, but you have to tell me, like, you gotta speak it right into my ears, cause if you don’t or if you’re too quiet or something i’m gonna stab her, i’m gonna stab her eyes out and stab her brain through her nose. so give me a sign, right now. i’ll be quiet right now. just one sign, great good jesus lord. come on. here we go.

By Josh

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