243: (orlando)

this is your god’s fault. this is your belief manifested into action. the lives of innocent people enjoying a saturday night, people out to have fun, to dance, to feel comfortable with their sexuality in a club where they feel like they belong. where they do┬ábelong. this is their collective home, and you have destroyed it because your god believes it’s wrong. what kind of all-powerful, all-seeing god would want its creation killed senselessly? what kind of god fails at creating mankind, then asks man to destroy itself? how can anyone, anyone believe in such a creature? i tell you this: god cannot be a vengeful thing, because vengeance is not good, and vengeance is not smart. it is not logical. it is senseless and mindless, and a god should have perfections in both of those things. your god thinks homosexuality is a sin; why did he give mankind homosexuality then? and why in god’s name would you kill another man because of it? you think it’s disgusting? and yet your own sexual vices, which you practice in the darkened chambers of your own home, they are fine, they are good, they are exceptions. when a priest sodomizes a young altar boy, a boy conditioned to love the church, what does that teach him? if we are all sinners, why is one sin superior than another? what gives you the right to destroy the lives of innocent people? your god told you. it’s in the quran. it’s in the bible. you’ve been indoctrinated to hate. you’ve been told that your life is superior to another’s, or that their life is inferior. why? what makes you so god damned special? and what makes your imaginary man in the sky so fucking great, so great that it gives you the right to gun down a hundred people? i’ll tell you what: nothing. nothing makes anyone or anything that special. nothing.

By Josh

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