242: edgar (bad date)

sometimes you just gotta get out in your boat and drive off toward the sunset. or, i guess, the sunrise in this case because we’d have to go east. and i don’t know about you but i am not a morning person so i guess sometimes you just gotta get out in your boat and drive off during the, uh, late afternoon, yeah, with the sun kind of behind you. if i owned a boat that’s what i’d be thinking. i only have a moped right now and it’s basically broken so i’m not going anywhere at any time of the day! you know! but if i did have one, well, you know. i already told you. the point, i think, moreover, in a way, is that we gotta take break, and the best way to take a break is on a boat. right? unless you don’t like boats, but who doesn’t like boats? you don’t? ah. this … date is not going well. look, at least you got a free meal, right? i’ll even buy you another glass of wine. i didn’t know if this would be good are not and yes to answer the look on your face i do know that i’m talking too much and should leave some room for you to speak, but the problem is, i don’t do that. why? i don’t know. because if i stop speaking then your response will shatter me. that’s really lame i know but i am a fragile little manchild. we all are now. welcome to the 21st century.

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