241: lily

my period. i want to talk about it. i want you all to know about it. it exists. it’s blood that flows out of my body. it’s important, it’s natural, it happens all the time. it hurts my insides, every month i am given at least two days, usually more like three or four, where my insides twist themselves into knots that hurt so bad i have to lie down. imagine, men, that once a month, for just a day, i’ll give you that–for just a day you were kicked in the balls for 24 hours. that’s what it’s like having your period. hell i’ll give you twelve hours, sometimes i’m asleep. and some women don’t have periods anymore. it’s like, instead of periods, they have anemia. i don’t get it. eat some meat! get some red flushed into those cheeks. get your birth control sorted. you gotta have that pain. this is the problem with guys, with guys now especially, guys who’ve never had a lick of trouble in their lives. they go around aimlessly bored because they’ve never felt anything, and because they’ve never felt anything, when they do feel something, it’s like the end of the world. so boys, i’m telling you, get a period. get something. feel something. feeling is the first step to empathy. science can give you a period, i know, i watched a youtube video about it. but don’t give me shit for having one. it’s my body, it’s one-half of the population’s bodies, alright? and yet you get all grossed out having to buy tampons at the store. give me a break.

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