240: mickey "big thumbs" mckenzie

so, lemme just … you’s a crimefighuh, and y’name is “the chumb bumbler”? wha .. what is that exactly? how is that a thing i should be scared of? are you saying y … y’bumble chumbs? whatsa chumb? do i have a chumb? are you gonna bumble my chumb? what does that mean? what are y’gonna do to me? where is the chumb, can ya point it out? you can say anythin’ right now if ya wanna, really, go ahead. … nah? fine. i get it. youse the quiet type. calm. keepin’ silent onaccount of y’don’t even know what y’name means. people prob’ly ask ya all the time. “whatsa chumb bumblah?” they ask, and whaddya say to ’em? nothin’! cause you dunno what y’goddamn name means even! what kinda crimefightuh are ya?! jus’ some ol’ looney in a mask and a cape. that’s all. y’don’t even have any powuhs, do ya? i ain’t seen you do jack diddly squat since y’caught me. nah. y’know what you are? a fake. a phony! y’just a … a … a … a chumb bumbler! that’s it! a big fat chumb bumbler! aha! that’s where it comes from! i geddit now! that’s perfect! hahaaaaa, perfect! yous a chumb bumbler! always bumblin’ chumbs! haha! hahahaaa! [mickey keeps laughing maniacally]

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