239: deanne faraji (commander, terran galactic alliance)

we were concerned that setting up the perpetual warfare zone in paltonok space would demoralize the military. the truth is, and we were up front about this from the start, is that it is simply a zone to keep men in the military, specifically to weed out the “bad ones” from those men we wanted to keep for intimacy purposes. of course, we also had to deal with the invasion but at this point, 20 years post-hive destruction, there wasn’t much of invasion to deal with, mostly stragglers which were easily dealt with. but if you check the logs, from the start we told anyone who asked that the paltonok guard was just to keep the dangerous men away from those who could promote peace within the district. this was at least 800 years in the making, thanks to president clinton, the bringer of the matriarchy to the american union. we thought that this would cause a rift, and it did, for a while. many wars ensued, and from those wars we established this perpetual sense of warfare, and the notion that men were largely drones within that warfare. and believe me, even 800 years later we are concerned that men will reject this notion and want to rise up and return to the patriarchy, but the opposite happened: they embraced the war culture, especially after the hive arrived. even more so after we established brothel bases in every cruiser in paltonok space. i’m telling you, once you get a drone’s rocks off, he will fight for anything, anytime. so these “bad apples,” the criminals, the murderers, etc, they’re just looking for a little shape to their lives, and we give to them. we put a gun in their hands and say, “kill the hive,” and they do it, with the promise of a warm bed, warm company, and free food in exchange. those who don’t qualify as drones are left on earth to propagate the species. and nobody complains! if a man in paltonok complains about his station we can always take him to a reevaluation zone, even ship him back to earth for reassignment if he is worthy. it’s very rare that that happens, though. i think, after all this time … men like to be drones, as long as they get their dicks wet. and that, ladies, is the power of the pussy.

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