238: connor (the pilot)

landing was the easy part. even with a broken landing gear we still had to deal with the outbreak in the cabin. a funny thing happened: we lost cabin pressure while some of the people were in the process of becoming zombies. because of this, they suffered brain damage (because they weren’t near an oxygen mask) before they zombified. this made them … different kind of zombies. whatever the virus is, it tends to focus on the primitive brain, but these people’s brains were severely damaged and so they were, in a way, zombies before they suffered from the virus. made them different, a little more … intelligent? strangely enough. they coordinated the zombie attack as we were landing, we could hear people screaming and fighting, slamming into the cabin door. nobody got in, thank god, or we’d all be dead. all in all twelve survivors, the rest zombies or these low oxygen zombies. we tried fighting them off but there were too many and so we had to run. so now we’re here. six people left. the other six … well. we all know what happens to people in the long run these days, don’t we? but we thank you for your hospitality and i assure you we won’t stay any longer than we need to. just need a day or two to rest and get fed. we’ll repay you by leaving you the hell alone.

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