235: chester (too hot)

it’s so god damned hot outside right now. this is not the right day to bury a body, boss. it just ain’t. i can’t hold on to the shovel, it keeps slipping out of my hands. we’re out of gatorade, the sun is beating down. i don’t want to get a melanoma or skin cancer or whatever. my dad, he used to work outside in the heat all the time, and then he got cancer in his fifties and died. just took him like that. look at my skin, look at my bronze skin. it’s just too much boss. i’ve been doing this for too long. i’m an old man, i’ve got kids in high school. i don’t ask a lot, boss, because you’re the boss, but i have to ask to take time off until it gets dark, cause it’s too hot, it just too hot. the body, it ain’t gonna rot, it’s all desert out here, she’ll be fine, she’ll just dry up. hell you could just leave her out here and nobody would see her for weeks. just take her head so you don’t got any teeth and you’ll be fine. just give us a chance to get in some shade, at least. it’s the least you could do.

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