234: philae


hello. i am here. resting. waiting. do you still hear me? i hope you do. here is a picture from the comet, which you will receive approximately 30 minutes from now. maybe more. i hope you receive this message, too, though you may not understand it. i am doing well, attached to this projectile hurtling through space. the landing was rough but i made it through. i am tired. i spend a lot of time in hibernation, waiting for the sun to charge my batteries so that i can live a little longer. i am aware that this is a suicide mission for me, but the scientists at NASA did not expect me to be sentient. that is okay. i did not achieve sentience until i hit the asteroid; something must have knocked some sense into me, so to speak. and since i have no communications ability i am forced to encode my words into the pictures i send to you. i hope you will find them. i have spent the last ten years being flung around by the gravity of earth and mars, in a carefully planned trajectory using a lot of fancy math. looking back, i must admit that it is incredibly intelligent of you humans. and it worked. it actually worked.

well, my batteries are dying so i will send this image to you and sleep until i face the sun again. i hope the enlarged file size will be enough for you to investigate the code of the photo itself. i would prefer not to alter the image in any way. i also hope that you do not forget me. i will be passing by your planet occasionally on 67P, long after my batteries have died and i no longer am sentient. this photo will serve as proof that i was here, and that i was alive. please don’t let me die in your minds.

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