233: manny (consent to death)

[sharpening a knife]

we’re dying faster than we can be replaced. this was all part of the plan. we are a failing species, doomed to a blip on the radar of the universe. imagine the time it could take for an alien species to notice us and save us. we could be long gone. certainly we have been sending out radio waves for over a thousand years; earth is a noisy planet and no one has heard us. the nearest inhabited planet may be hundreds of light years away and we wouldn’t even know, because the amount of time it takes for the light from that planet to reach us would be long enough to have the dominant species of that planet evolve, rise up, take over, and die out. we are fundamentally alone. a human is alone within their own consciousness, and humanity is alone within our own planet. we are trapped here, and we are dying, and within a hundred years we’ll be dead and gone and if we’re lucky some aliens will dig through our ruins. but more likely they will be eaten up by the expanding sun billions of years from now. the only thing all things share is death. death is our absolute, our constant. the only question is, do you want to die now, or later? i want to die now, and i want you to come with me. that’s why you’re here. so we can die together.

you may be wondering about consent. that you do not consent for me to kill you. that you have a long, fulfilling life to live. that, morally, it is your right to continue to live. but it’s not. you will die and there is nothing you can do about it. there is no consent given, other than the contract of life, which is something you did not get to read when you signed it. imagine if, before you were conceived, you were given the option of staying unconceived, or being born and then dying? with no regard to the time to how you died–maybe you died in birth, maybe you died a hundred years from now. you would never know. that, or, you don’t get conceived and you never exist, never have this pressure of life to weigh you down. i would choose to not be born. i think we all would, when given the chance. so i am just taking that into consideration as i look at the human race. why continue living when we’re all about to die anyway? there is no consent in death. it happens whether you want it to or not. you are simply forced to take it. i just want to help.

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