230: dr carla broker (hyperspace)

hyperspace is, to put it simply, a realm without space. the only space we theorize is the necessary space between subatomic particles in atoms, because while in hyperspace we can see objects as they exist in realspace, which means they must have some kind of atomic structure. but since physics in hyperspace is so different from physics in realspace, we can’t be sure, nor can we contain hyperspace particles long enough to observe them. this is because hyperspace physics “breaks down” in realspace, and that breakdown is real, physical radioactive effects, which are roughly 10 times stronger than the effects of gamma radiation, and routinely destroyed early ships attempting to pass through. fortunately, most jumps are only a few seconds in length so the damage is mitigated, moreso by the anti-physic shields we’ve developed over the years. so it’s important to understand that the physics breakdown works both ways–hyperspace breaks down in realspace, and vice versa. so far there is no known way of preventing this. it’s just a matter of physics incompatibility. we can only mitigate the damage, like i said.

the top theory, by the way, of the atomic structure of hyperspace is the “inside out” theory, which posits that atoms in hyperspace are literally inside out–that the electrons exist as a nucleus and the protons and neutrons orbit it. another theory is that the bosons and subatomic particles we see briefly in our collider tests are the particles which make up hyperspace atomic structure. it seems to make sense, for example, that the higgs boson, which is responsible for gravity in realspace, would feature prominently in atomic structure in hyperspace, as it seems that gravity is literally binding all objects in hyperspace together. of course, this presumes a semblance of realspace physics in hyperspace. the strangest aspect of hyperspace is that it exists, that we can use it to traverse tremendous distances in space with no difference in time, and yet we can in no way directly interact with it, or even really study it in a meaningful way. but we can use realspace and mathematics to make it work, which says a lot about human ingenuity.

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