228: avery (the shifter)

no, sara, it’s not like that. i’m not in all realities at once. if that were true i would be god. no, i’m in one reality, but the reality shifts constantly unless i am actively focusing on it. i mean … to be more accurate, i am┬áin all realities where i’m alive, as are you, but my consciousness … my primary consciousness is here, right now. and i can, can, shift, through alternate realities. believe me, there are an infinite number of them. so in one moment you may have blue eyes, and another you’ll have hazel eyes. or one moment you’ll be here, the next you won’t, or you’ll be a giant red-skinned dinosaur, or, or the earth might not even be here. that’s the worst. that’s why i have this backpack all the time, because, see, i have an oxygen tank, in case i shift into a reality where there’s no oxygen.

the good news is that there seems to be a “bell curve” of reality potentials, which keeps me relatively safe. the middle of the bell curve is the kind of reality like right now, where changes are minimal. i know, how can infinite realities fall into a bell curve, right? beats me. maybe i’m wrong and just lucky to not get moved into crazy weird realities. look, the point is, at any point in this conversation you may totally forget who i am. you might disappear, or be dead, or be a giant talking bird, and i don’t want that, because i love you and, in some lives, you love me too. i’m sick of trying to find you, sara. so just take my hand and we’ll stay connected. that’s all i want. i want to hold your hand, so you don’t change.

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