226: ted (ted & johnny)

johnny. what is johnny? who is he you mean? is that what you’re asking? okay. johnny’s one of those guys that’s hard to pinpoint. he’s an actor, you know, he’s got those chops, he can read a person like a paperback, cover to cover, instantly. you watch him, he’ll enter a room and you watch him introduce himself to someone, he scans ’em, does a once over, and boom, he knows you. you get to talking to him and within five minutes he knows enough info about you to destroy you from the inside out. but johnny, he’s too nice for that. he can’t bring himself to tear a person down. he gets what he wants, sure, but he’ll leave you intact while he goes after it. me, i tore people down, but every time it was like hooking a string to their backs which pulled a bit of my soul outta me. stuff wears you down. nah, johnny’s nice, he’s too nice, he’s this actor but he don’t have any spirit, no, ah, no fire in him. he wanders around like a ghost. you watch him, he’s always wearing white. cause he’s a ghost, see. he loves that symbolism bullshit. people think that makes him superficial but he’s not, that’s the trick. he’s not superficial. if anything he’s too deep. he’s in too deep. he’s swimming in the deep end looking for meaning, and most of the time it nearly drowns him. he’s gotta fight that, so he put son a good face. he acts. he is an actor, after all. johnny loves a person who’s open, loves a guy who will not bullshit him, because he knows he can murder you with whatever information you give him, but by giving it to him, it shows a level of trust.

look at me. talking about my own brother like he’s a polar bear or someshit. johnny’s a good man, he just has trouble relating to people because he’s acting. he wants you to be real but he’s not being real. you get me? if you find a way beyond those defenses, then you will have a friend for life. but it takes time, and it takes effort, and honestly, i don’t even know if it’s worth it.

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