224: the masked marauder

alright. i’m a superhero. is that what you wanted to hear? wanted me to come clean, did you? well here i am, squeaky clean! i’m the masked marauder. not a name i came up with, though all good nicknames are never made by the person. you get what i mean. superman, batman. batman never called himself “bat man,” everyone else did. the name stuck. see, i wouldn’t consider myself a marauder so much as a vigilante, one who uses his superpowers to help avenge the crimes that are overlooked by the police. am i lawful? no. have i killed a few people in my line of duty? yes. again, not like batman or superman in that respect. i think if people are too bad, they need to be put down. but does that make me any worse than you average police officer who kills innocent people left and right? of course not. am i better than the cops who murdered tamir rice? yes. absolutely. definitely. will the disenfranchised people rally around that? yes. and they should. because i am taking care of their issues, and i will always help them no matter what you try to do to me. because all of you in here know that i could break through these chains and snuff your lives out without a second thought. but i don’t. because i’m better than that. i’m a superhero, not a supervillain. so do us all a favor and release me, so that i can continue my work.

By Josh

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