223: grover (alone in your own mind)

everyone thinks their life is the definitive one. and they should! because you don’t know anyone else’s life except your own. it’s why i think people do so much with their lives, because no matter how hard you try, you’ll never be another person, and i think there’s a loneliness in realizing that. you know, on an atomic level, you never actually touch anything? weird, huh? your collection of atoms comes close to the collection of atoms on a desk or whatnot, but they never actually touch, cause of the molecular bonds and because of the electron cloud. that newspaper you’re holding, you’re never going to touch it. that woman you love, you can hug her as hard as possible but you’ll never touch her. even if you make love to her, you’re not touching. crazy, huh? in the grand scheme of things, you are alone in your own mind. some people can’t take that, they gotta be around people all the time, to fill up that sense of dread. others, like me, well i can hang out under this bridge and sing little songs to myself and entertain myself and whatnot, and i’ll be fine. everyone’s different. point is, i don’t get mad when people yell at me or tell me i should get a job, because the way i figure it, those people have had decades of a life that’s so different from mine, ain’t no way we’ll be on the same page. even people that love me, even people that say they’re gonna help, they don’t know, they’ll never know me, never know what goes on inside this head of mine. so damn right i should think my life is the most important one! it’s the only one i know!

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