222: fiona (immortal trevor)

fortunately, everyone is dead. except trevor. fucking guy will not die, no matter how hard we try. mary shot him right in the head, right between the eyes, and the bullet just spun on his forehead and then clattered to the ground. but everyone else, dead. at least we have that, right doc? trevor’s an exception, he’s an anomaly, maybe his skull is made of titanium, i don’t know. he can still speak, he’s not a zombie or anything like that. he just can’t be killed. so, i don’t know what to do. oh mary splashed acid on him and it didn’t burn his face off. maybe it’s a shield or a a a a force field, maybe he’s got a force field around him. i’ll ask mary next time i see her. thing is, with everyone else dead, it kind of doesn’t matter if trevor’s alive or dead anyway. the man’s an idiot, there’s no way he’s got the brainpower to keep an entire story like this one in his head, you know what i mean? he’s an idiot, he’s also immortal. so we’re going to have to deal with that eventually, but when it comes to this mass genocide thing, i think we can let it slide, don’t you? maybe we’ll find a loophole that’ll let us cut his head off or something. i’ll talk to mary, she knows all the tips and tricks regarding killing people. it’s kind of weird, how much she knows. anyway! the earth is yours, except for trevor. but i’m sure you can deal with trevor.

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