219: tawny (dog problem)

i’ve got three dogs. three big dogs, all in the backyard. now i know my dogs like the back of my hand, i love my dogs, and i know they wouldn’t do something like that, not to a little kid. i mean if that kid got in my backyard, the dogs, they are very protective because that’s their home, you know what i’m saying, but they’ve been chained up all day and there’s no way they’d get outside the fence. that kid’d hafta come into my backyard. and even then how’d he get out? if he got in how’d he get out? you know? my dogs are good dogs, i don’t care what the neighbors say, they’re just scared, all of ’em. yeah sure sometimes they bark at night, i can’t help it, they see a squirrel or something and they start barking–but that’s the most they’ve ever done. they’d never hurt a kid, not a little kid. so you just pick up on out of here, got it? i got nothing else to say to any of you, y’all are looking at me like it’s my fault, i see the guilt in your eyes. other people in this town have dogs too god damn it! and nastier ones than my three boys. now get out of here! no more questions! get!

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