218: dr saurabh singh, hyperphyicist and psychologist

(from an audio log presented as evidence in the paper, “effects of MDMA on hyperspace visualization”)

take two of these tablets and press them firmly underneath your tongue. wait thirty seconds for them to start dissolving. you should start to feel the effects within five minutes or so. during your wait just meditate and try to clear your mind of all qualifying thoughts, negative or positive. focus on your breathing. if you don’t feel anything within five minutes, let me know and i’ll up your dosage. the max we can go is four tablets, any more than that and it’ll wreak havoc on your stomach and liver. but don’t worry. two tablets is fine. i’m sorry, i shouldn’t have told you that, i need you to be calm during your transcendence.

you should be fully within the trip in about a half an hour, which is plenty of time for us to start the hyperspace jump. please just meditate and focus on your breathing during the trip. we would like your mind to be as clear as possible. remember to keep your eyes closed during the meditation, even after we begin the jump. we’ve reported varying degrees of success with blindfolds, and would like to try this experiment with just your eyes closed.

do not open your eyes until we tell you to. once we tell you, open your eyes and try to describe what you see out of the window. be as descriptive as possible. we will have a camera positioned outside, one positioned inside, facing the window, and three positioned facing you. the window can only be open for a maximum of thirty seconds before the radiation begins to deteriorate the shielding of the ship, so it is very important that you describe everything you can in as much detail as possible.

i recommend meditating for five or ten minutes before taking the tablets, so that your mind and body will be at ease before we begin the process. it is important that you are as calm as possible while the experiment is taking place. also remember the safeword, “albatross,” in case anything goes wrong. myself and dr broker will be in a separate room for this experiment.

we thank you for your time and patience with this experiment. are you ready? good. here, take this comm and press the green button twice when you are ready. thank you again. i’ll be in the next room. thank you.

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