210: patrick (one trick pony)

it’s like i’m cheating. i just glanced. you know. pulled up craigslist, just took a peek. i like where i am but i wanted to see what else was out there. so i peeked. scrolled through the job listings. nothing was like my current job. that’s when it hit me: this job is too specialized. there’s nothing like it out there. how do i get another job when there are no other jobs like this one? i’m trapped, i’m stuck doing this incredibly particular thing. people will say, at job interviews, they’ll say, “do you know how to do x?” and i can only say, “no, i only know how to do y.” so that’s why i’m here. i want you to teach me how to do y. i know you can help me and i’d be happy to pay you for your time. but i need to learn a new skill, something that could benefit me if i ever decide to move on. i’m a one trick pony right now and that scares me. i gotta learn something new. i gotta hustle, or i’ll die sitting in this cubicle, staring at a computer screen. two computer screens. i have dual monitors. but i felt so bad, looking for work, because i like this place, i want to stay here, i like the people and the environment. i like that everyone leaves me alone, that they trust me. i like that. i like helping people. but one of those people is me. help me get out of here. or at least give me an avenue, a branch to hold on to. otherwise i’ll feel stuck forever.

By Josh

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