209: josephine (get up, andy)

take the photos down. we’re leaving. this is the end of the road, you understand? no more of this, no more of any of it. we’re leaving. get the pictures, get your clothes, and let’s get the fuck out of here. i’m telling you, this is the end, there is no more after this. we have to move or we’ll be killed, we’ll stagnate, we’ll die down here. that’s the end of our lives, do you want that? do you want our lives to end here or do you want them to end out there, in a grassy meadow or at the base of a tall mountain, with the sun in our eyes and the grass between our toes … that’s where we deserve to be. we can’t hide anymore, we can’t hide. we can’t. so get up, get the pictures, whatever you can stuff in your duffel, and let’s go, before they find us. andy, come on, get up. get up goddammit! this is not the time to be morose. the world is out there, just beyond those soldiers and tanks and guns, and if we just, if we try, if we work this out we can be free! don’t you want to be free? don’t you want to smell fresh air and not have to travel through abandoned subways anymore? that life is out there, right now, we just have to move. peter gave me news of the troop movements, they are so far away from this position right now, it would be easy to just slip out right now, it’s dark, it’s empty out there, we can just run and run and run. come on, andy. you know we can do it. just get up. just get up, andy!

By Josh

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