207: (your heart)

your heart is like a gondola that i ride in, that slowly pushes me through the crowded canals of venice. everyone is looking at the architecture and nobody thinks about the fact that the city is sinking into the water that makes it famous. the gondolier sings a sweet italian melody, something we’ve never heard before but is so classic that it immediately sounds familiar. and each heartbeat is a little push down the canals of your bloodstream. from far away everything looks like something distinct but the closer you get, the more it’s the same. it’s all the same, just tightly packed atoms and a weak electromagnetic repelling force that keeps your fingers from becoming part of the desk. that force is prevalent throughout the universe, it is a fundamental force that you would never think about, that mankind never thought about for thousands of years. no other creature thinks about it. only us.

your heart’s atoms repel the atoms around it, to keep it from literally beating out of your chest. your hands repel the desk. your body repels the atoms in the air. these atoms coalesce around large gravitational bodies like the earth, otherwise, in space, they are few and far between. but they exist, always repelling until they find what they want to bond to. that’s the tough part. finding what fits.

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