198: (did you break?)

robert, i want you to know something, alright? something before we get down to this. when i was trained by you, the things that you did to me … during, during it i spoke to many of my comrades, we talked about the training, about what the masters were doing, and every time, when i told them about the techniques you used on me, they … they didn’t–they tried not to show it, tried not to show that they thought it was fucked up, but i could tell, i saw it, i saw the slightest wince in their eyes, i saw their nervous tells. everyone, in the bunks, after hours, i’d come in with bruises and cuts all over my body and everyone else … was clean. cleaner. they’d ask me what happened and i’d tell them. and then they’d be quiet, or they’d change the subject. never once did they say anything as bad happened to them during training, robert. not once. and i’m not an idiot, i figured it out early on, but i kept going because i thought, maybe, that your training was special, that you were hitting me harder, that you were using real swords instead of wooden ones, because you thought i had potential. i felt it, i felt … something, between us. didn’t you? something like, “this one is going places,” you know? i’d like to think that your training made me the master agent i’ve become, and yet … here you are. accused of treason, your head split open, your face covered in blood. so. let’s find out if your training was worth it, robert. let’s find out who you’ve betrayed. [cocks gun] did you break, robert? tell me now, did you break.

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