188: jim the bonebreaker

[over a loudspeaker]

so, how many of you motherfuckers do i have to kill before i get to your boss? huh? ten? twenty? i got enough ammo for all of you. they don’t call me jim the bonebreaker for nothing! i hope you all got great life insurance for your wives and kids because none of you are coming out of here alive unless i get to talk to the head honcho, dig me? now, before you decide to get shredded by me, let’s talk this out. we all know you had fifty men stationed out front, right? fifty men, fully trained and well-armed. well they’re all dead now. all but two, i think. those two i let live because i’m random like that. now i know there’s four times as many henchmen in this building, but if you think i can take on fifty men, you better fucking believe i can take on two hundred. bring it on. all you have to do is bring the big man down to the lobby–i’m not in the lobby by the way, don’t be dumbshits like that–and give me five minutes to talk. i’ll give you … an hour to figure out the logistics. hell, set some traps while you’re at it. i’d be happy to disarm them. ambushes? love it. bring them on. hell, throw a grenade at me next time you see me. oh but the problem is you won’t see me when i slit your throat, trust me.

remember, one hour and then i start torching the place to ferret out your stupid, piece of shit, dumb motherfucking boss. could make this real easy, or real, real difficult. your choice. hasta luego, bitches!

By Josh

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