186: roger (the bro and the groom)

hey, come here. come here. sit down. let me talk to you. listen to me okay? you can’t just run away from this, man. that’s the love of your life out there, she’s waiting for you, you can’t get cold feet at this point. look, i know you don’t get a lot of real help from us when it comes to marriage. you’re friends with a bunch of drunk bachelors, i get it. i know it. every night when i come home from work and i crack open a beer i feel another day of my life slough off like dead skin. i stare at the TV screen like a drone, a, a, a creature designed to work and sleep. when you can carla got together we made fun of you because we’re all jealous, or at the very least, see, when something good happens to someone, especially a friend of yours, it automatically makes you think about your own life. it’s impossible not to. when kenny stopped drinking we all thought about our drinking habits, remember? and then we made a conscious decision to keep drinking and smoking and fucking around. so when you met carla we suddenly had to think about our own lives. and yeah we gave you shit, because it’s easier to give you shit than clean up our acts. if anything you should be giving us¬†shit. but now you’re getting married and you should be getting married, no matter what ted or patrick say. carla is a wonderful woman and perfect for you. the rest of us are just sad that we’re not going to see you as much, and frustrated because of course we have to start going to the gym and shit like that. so do not use any of our opinions to adjust your position here, okay man? you get out there and you marry that woman. we’ll be fine. we’ll be fine.

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