185: corus (one for many)

nobody wants this. nobody is happy about this. but of all the possibilities we currently have, this plan is the only one that’s going to work. that’s it. end of story. so you’re welcome to complain but you’re outnumbered and they are coming and we don’t have a lot of time. i highly recommend all of you get this bullshit out of your system before we head out, by the way. you’re going to need all of your senses ready when we leave. got it? look, i’m one of you, i know the world is all fucked up, but we have to make small sacrifices in order to protect the group. this creates the least amount of trouble and saves the most amount of people, and if we’re lucky, jaden’s plan will even get us out of the city, but it all hinges on this. so get in here and grab a stick. let’s get it over with, we don’t have much time. smallest one wins. loses. whatever. and if you lose please do not freak out, there are guards near enough, they will hear you and they will kill all of us, you understand? and remember this is not punishment! this is a small sacrifice for the greater good! you will be forever in our minds as the martyr who died so that we could all live. it is the greatest sacrifice any one of us could make. you will be known as a hero for centuries to come, that i will promise you!

By Josh

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