170: bart (summer camp girls)

alright chump. sound the klaxons because this is your last chance at getting laid. you’ve been here all summer with all of these attractive women in short shorts, hell you skinny dipped with trina and all those people! you were naked with all of them! and now your parents are coming to pick you up tomorrow and you haven’t even kissed one girl at this whole camp. what is your problem man?! there’s so much sweet puss out there you could be drowning in it! and look these girls they’re into you, man, they really are! trina even! listen to me, i know these camp girls, i’ve been going to this summer camp for five years now and yeah, maybe i should stop because i’m 22 but there’s no age limit on the contract and they just keep letting me in. but i know these camp girls, i know what they want, and they are young and they are horny, okay kid? now look, now, look, let me be clear: i do not want to have sex with these underage camp girls okay? okay? okay? okay? that’s what i want you to do man! because you’re underage too, it’s perfect, it’s perfect man, it’s perfect. but you know if a camp counselor asks about me you tell them that i’m not here to have sex with underage girls, okay? okay? because to be perfectly honest none of them talk to me anyway. but they’ll talk to you! they already do man! they love you! so by the end of the day man i want you to be balls deep in a lady, you hear me? balls deep! hey but don’t tell any of the counselors i told you that okay? okay? okay? balls deep!

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